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We can save any packing to face our client’s requirements!!
Safe Food for agricultural investment !

leading Company in the Field of agricultural investment in Egypt since 2002.

Our priority offering our customers best quality & safe foods We guarantee all our products free of pesticide.

Cause we care our customers health, we use high technology each step from the beginning :

  • selecting best free area
  • selecting the seeds and seedlings
  • planting
  • modern irrigation systems
  • natural fertilizing and sensitive harvest

Meet the offer
Our wide range of varieties enables us to meet and face our customers' requirements

We are dealing with the following:

1- Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

2- Frozen Vegetables & Fruits

3- Tomato paste

4- Dehydrated

5- Olive Oil

6- Jams

7- Legumes

8- Juice

9- Salt

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Our products free of pesticide also free of heavy metals

Available Whole year with the best quality

Partners of success

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